Welcome to Houston Canoe and Kayak Racing.

Houston Texas is a great place for canoe and kayak racing.


There are bayous, bays, rivers, and lakes around and through the city.


These are home to kayak, canoe, Dragon Boat, outrigger, and surfski races year round.


All these races are different, reflecting the type of boat and water chosen for the event.  Some are short lasting 3 minutes and some last over 2 hours.


Take your pick for a fun and challenging experience in your canoe or kayak.




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Greens Bayou Canoe and Kayak Classic

March 21st, 2020

29th Edition

Started by Tom Wilkinson, Randy Hood and Grady Hicks


The Greens Bayou Canoe and Kayak Classic

has been cancelled.


I will review the possibility of a reschedule based on the race schedule and paddler interest.


Thank you and let us all get through this episode safely.


Grady Hicks